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Amethyst Amulet

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Nibiru Prensents:The Amulet.

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Be conscious about the signs that the universe is sending to you and be ready to open your pineal gland.

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Marcela Mayorga jewelry designer

The Jeweler

Marcela Mayorga de Meignan is a 31 year old Chilean-Italian multi disciplinary artist, fashion producer and editor by trade. She created Nibiru Collection Ancestral jewerly house in 2019 by recycling a 50grams solid gold bracelet of her mother and create her first Trilogy collection in Milan after several trips to Central America where she discovered and delved into exploring ancestral indigenous legacy such us Mayas. Last year (2022) Marcela was selected as the most prestigious jeweler of the year representing Chile, her native country. While many designers take refuge in their own heritage as inspiration for their work, Marcela Mayorga looks to the Anunnaki, ancient Sumerian gods, combining indigenous motifs and patterns with otherworldly concepts. Mixing the ancient with the galactic, precious and semiprecious stones in all colors and gold, the Chilean designer has created her line of flamboyant and talismanic jewels, with an eclectic flavor.

Timeless jewelry and unique designs. I'm confident that this young designer will be the next big thing in the industry

— Adriana Lima